Valerie T. Fishkill, NY

I ordered my first jar of biolanyn skin cream and used it exactly how the website instructed.

I was very satisfied with the results. I had psoriasis on the inside of my right ankle that had very fragile skin that wept and would exhibit small breakthroughs of blood. My skin would flake and come off repeatedly. I had gone to doctors and tried countless treatments with limited success.

After using biolanyn for just a week or so I saw a marked improvement. By the time I finished my first jar, my ankle skin was healthy and normal. It is still darker in color, but that has been true for many years. It no longer weeps or flakes, or bleeds. Because of the great success against my psoriasis, I have ordered the four jar pack offered.

I also passed on to my doctor the information about your skin cream, as he was impressed by the recovery my ankle had made in such a short period of time.

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