How To Use Biolanyn

First time? No problem! Your first purchase is protected by our 21 Day Guarantee
Follow these easy instructions below over a 21 day trial period to assess the effectiveness of our product on your skin.

Select An Area

Choose the desired area you would like to assess. If your condition covers a larger area. Apply on an area the size equivalent of say your hand or foot. For skin issues on highly visible areas (such as your face), we recommend applying to a smaller less conspicuous area for your 21 day assessment.

Apply 3x Daily

Once you've selected a location. Simply apply Biolanyn to the designated area 3x a day, for 21 days. As simple as it sounds. This is the most important step as a first time user.

Use Sparingly

This will save you money and also prevent waste. The cream is so well balanced nutritionally that only a small quantity is required to render great results. If you notice the skin appears ‘greasy’ after rubbing in, then you are applying too much cream.

Take Your Time

Rub Biolanyn into the skin well. This will ensure intimate contact, which is necessary to enable the skin to “feed” on the active ingredients.
Depending on your reason for use, take time to rub in the cream to avoid irritation and further damage.

If you have a more serious condition or skin sensitivity and still find yourself irritating your skin. Try gently dabbing the biolanyn across the desired area and let sit for a minute. Your skin will warm and thin the cream. This will make it easier to apply.

Experienced Users

As an experienced user there is absolutely no problem with tailoring a routine that better fits you!

Some clients only need occasional use while others apply the cream more than 3x per day to control itching, dryness, pain, or other severe symptoms.
There are no reported short or long-term effects from using Biolanyn more frequently per day.

In addition to treating the immediate afflicted area, applying the cream a couple inches outside this area has been found to reduce the spread of your skin issue to surrounding healthy tissue.

If you have any additional questions or would like to input your experiences with Biolanyn and your condition,  We can be contacted on facebook, instagram, or email!

Initial Results & Expectations

If you have suffered from your skin condition for a long time, it is important to remember that repairing the skin will take some time and perseverance.

When Biolanyn is first applied, it attempts to aggressively throw off the upper layers of the diseased or damaged skin so it can start rebuilding their skin with its active ingredient collagen. The diseased skin may resist and this is normal in most cases, indicating your skin condition is firmly entrenched, not yielding ground easily!

For most, this is temporary. The skin will start to improve again after a few more days of use if you follow the routines outlined here. Check the ingredient list before application and discontinue use if you experience an adverse reaction outside the scope of the healing process.

If you have faithfully followed the 21 Day Guarantee and your skin shows no improvement in health and appearance, please keep the jar and fill out our refund form by clicking below.

Privacy Notice

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