Usage Instructions

Our treatment protocols were developed following 15 years of study and ongoing customer input.

In order to successfully treat your skin condition and receive our full guarantee of Biolanyn, please read and follow ALL of the following easy usage instructions before your first use.

To Start Your Application Routine

If you have more than one area of your body afflicted by a skin condition, you should test the effectiveness of Biolanyn on one small, localized area 3 times per day for a full 21 days, before expanding your treatment to other afflicted skin areas. You should initially treat ONE area no larger than the ‘equivalent’ size of say one hand or foot.

Using this method, you will have just enough cream to determine the cream’s effectiveness over the 21-day period. Otherwise, you may run out before the required full 21 days have passed and therefore won’t have given the product a chance to improve your skin condition.

If you only have skin problems on highly visible areas of the body (such as your face), we recommend evaluating the impact of the cream by first applying it to a small, less conspicuous portion of the afflicted visible area (i.e., not your entire face) for the full 21-day period.

Once the 21 days have passed, and you have determined that Biolanyn is effective, then it is time to purchase additional jars (at discount), and expand your treatment area(s).

Application Frequency

Recommended for full guarantee:

Our 21-day improvement and full guarantee is based on applying Biolanyn 3 times per day for 21 consecutive days.

Other options:

Many people find applying the cream 3 times per day difficult with today’s busy lifestyles. While Biolanyn works best if applied 3 times a day, the cream also works very well with only 1 or 2 applications per day. However, it takes considerably longer to achieve the desired results.

Some customers have applied the cream more than 3 times per day to control itching, dryness, pain or other severe symptoms. There are no reported short or long-term effects from using Biolanyn more frequently per day.

Only our recommended 3x a day is covered under our 21-day guarantee.

Applying the Cream

Use cream sparingly.
This will save you money and also prevent waste. The cream is so well balanced nutritionally that only a small quantity is required to render great results.  If you notice the skin appears ‘greasy’ after rubbing in, then you are applying too much cream!

Rub Biolanyn into the skin well.
But not to the point where you irritate the skin due to abrasion. This will ensure intimate contact, which is necessary to enable the skin to “feed” on the active ingredients.

Apply the cream a couple of inches outside the area.
Also, in addition to treating the immediate afflicted area, this will help reduce the spread of your skin disease to surrounding healthy tissue.

Privacy Notice

Biolanyn is committed to protecting your privacy as a consumer. For this reason, we will never give any of your personal information out to anyone.

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