I contacted you awhile ago about my wife’s knees. She has had spots on them for many years now (7-8years?) Doctor said that she had a few spots of psoriasis and she found it quite embarrassing. The doctor prescribed her one thing to the next and they either did nothing or made her condition worse.

I did research online and this is how I found Biolanyn. We were desperate and we liked the “all natural” approach as what the doctors were giving us was not working at all.
She tried the cream for a little bit, however admittedly she was not consistent with applying it. We did see some improvement but she quit, and the psiorasis came back just not as bad.

So I told her, “Why don’t you try again, and follow their directions and continue for at least 21 days as they prescribe.” She took my advice and after a couple of months the spots had disappeared. We can still see the place where they were because the skin is a bit lighter than the rest of her skin. I believe they could completely recover if she would use the cream for a little longer.

We took some before and after pictures. You can see for yourself the difference Biolanyn has made. I am very grateful that this cream helped.

Thank you!

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