Name: Shirley

Hi Biolanyn,

My daughter has had dermatitis on her feet for a long time. It was so bad that it had turned her toe nails in and scarred her feet. I ordered Biolanyn, hoping it would work.

It was wonderful. Her feet are so smooth and soft now! Even though she still gets break outs, she continues to use Biolanyn as instructed, and she feels so much better. I also started using it on my face. What a difference!

We are sharing a small bottle, and are almost out. So I just placed a new order for your 4 pack. Here we are, sitting on pins and needles, waiting for our new order to arrive.

I told my Aunt about Biolanyn skin cream because my uncle has had bad shingles which most doctors do not know how to treat. She will be ordering some to try out.

Thanks again for the wonderful product.

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