“Red” Tillman

Name: “Red” Tillman. 

My experience with Biolanyn.

I experimented with more than a dozen over the counter medications for a skin rash on my arms and legs. No relief resulted the us of any of these products.

I consulted and was treated by several prominent area dermatologists. The visits to these doctors was both time consuming and expensive.

To put it simply 1 small tube of medication recommended by one of these dermatologists costed me $130.00 and it was a very small tube. I even took a biopsy of an active area and later reported that the results were ‘inconclusive’ although it was thought to be eczema. I was instructed to go in for another biopsy. I instead went online and lucked up on your website. I say “lucked up” because of the fact I ordered only one jar as the website recommended and in less than 2 weeks my skin rash was completely arrested. As you may surmise, I used the product on both my arms and legs, not just on one localized area as your usage instructions recommended.

The results I obtained were truly amazing! So amazing, as a matter of fact, I will be placing another order.

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