Our Guarantee


Biolanyn® Skin Cream will improve* the health and appearance of your diseased or damaged skin, regardless of the cause, in only 21 days from the time you start using it, or Biolanyn will refund your full product purchase (less the cost of shipping).  We honour this guarantee – worldwide!

*We fully guarantee our product, but ONLY if the customer faithfully follows all our easy usage instructions.


Only one jar on your first-time purchase of Biolanyn® Skin Cream is eligible for a refund. This is the reason why we do not recommend any ‘quantity’ purchases on your first order, as you will only be refunded for one jar.

Shipping costs are not refundable.

We allow the customer 4 months from the date of shipment to evaluate the effectiveness of our product. No refund request will be accepted after this time.

Keep the jar. If you didn’t notice any improvement to your condition are unsatisfied with your purchase, we encourage you to fill out the refund eligibility form below BUT please do not return your used Biolanyn. Otherwise, your return is void.

REFUSED, UNCLAIMED, NO SUCH ADDRESS, CANCELLED or ‘NO LONGER NEEDED’ returns: Our refund/guarantee policy does not apply to these returned shipments (with the Biolanyn jar(s) unopened & unused).

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