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Dear Biolanyn,

This winter I had eczema for the first time. It started as a small patch on my right shin and continued to spread all over my shin. It would itch so bad that my husband was convinced I was going to scratch off my leg. After a trip to the dermatologist and the ointment he prescribed, I still had no relief. I was also informed that there was no cure and I could only control the itching.

After searching eczema on the internet I found your cream. I began applying it over the affected area. I would also spread the cream on at night just before bed and wrapped saran wrap around it so it wouldn’t rub off. Within three days I began to notice a difference. I would apply the cream 3 times a day as directed.

I have now used the cream for 10 days and now my eczema is basically gone, and I no longer itch.

I also used tea tree oil over top the cream which I believe assisted with the itching.

I want to thank yor company for providing a cream that is effective and does exactly what it proclaims to do. I will definitely tell anyone I know with skin problems about your cream!

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