Kathy, Westmont, IL

I have had severe psoriasis on my forehead and ears. It usually is in remission, but recently I had terrible breakouts, and was red all over. It was hard to go to work, with everyone asking me if I was burned, or what happened to my face. I discovered biolanyn on the internet while doing research. This product has cleared my redness up before the 21 days was up. I use it 2-3 times a day, and within 2 weeks I saw great improvement. It is now a month since I started biolanyn and my skin has started to become completely clear 🙂 It’s as if i’ve grown new skin!! I have received many compliments and my friends have asked what i’ve used. It’s amazing that such a safe, natural skin cream could give me these results. I am very impressed. I recommend biolanyn to anyone that suffers from psoriasis

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