Hello, I’m a 40 year old female who has not until recently suffered with any skin condition. However, following a diagnosis of renal failure, I had to start dialysis treatment. My skin was fine for the first year or so but recently I started getting eczema on my hands, arms, neck, and back. This was emotionally stressful for me to the point I would go out covering as much of myself as possible to save myself from embarrassment. The doctors at the hospital have examined me and prescribed me steroid creams, all of which made little difference to my condition.

In an attempt to find out more for myself I looked online and eventually found your website and thought I’d try your product. I have finished my first jar of cream and have placed another order now. At first, nothing much appeared to be happening, but I continued applying the cream and the results were astonishing. After about 5 weeks my skin looks way better. My skin is still very marked, but I’m hoping this will also eventually disappear. All of my family have noticed a difference and although it is not perfect, the result is a great improvement from a few months ago. I thought i’d tell you this. I will definitely be coming back for more.

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