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dear Biolanyn,

I have been trying to treat my acne now for about three years. I went to the dermatologist and he gave me many prescriptions. None worked. And I also forgot to tell you that my skin was ALWAYS dry and the medication the doctor gave me was for drying out my pimples. So I was trying to keep away pimples and trying to relieve my dry, cracking, peeling skin. But nothing was working. I finally found Biolanyn and you wouldn’t believe the change. My face is never dry or peeling and my acne has even cleared up a lot! And it even made my old acne scars disappear! The bad news though is that I left my Biolanyn at my sister’s house 3 hours away. The good news is that she is using it on her face. Hers is worse than mine was, but it won’t be for long! And I am also glad that it only takes 3 days to get here! Going back to my old moisturizer just isn’t the same! Thanks again!

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