Initial Results

If you have suffered from your skin condition for a long time, it is important to remember that repairing the skin will take some time and perseverance.

When Biolanyn is first applied, it attempts to aggressively throw off the upper layers of the diseased or damaged skin so it can start rebuilding their skin with its active ingredient collagen. The diseased skin may resist, leading to increased swelling, scaling, redness, dryness, itching, a burning sensation, or other symptoms.

This means following application and for periods up to a week or two, your skin may react adversely to Biolanyn. This is normal, and indicates your skin condition is firmly entrenched, not yielding ground easily!

For most, this is temporary. The skin will start to improve again after a few more days if you follow the routines outlined here. Only discontinue use if these symptoms continue past the 21-day period.

If you have faithfully followed our instructions, and your skin shows no improvement in health and appearance in only 21 days (based on a 3-times-per-day routine), please discontinue use and immediately request a refund.

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