Skin Rash


My wonderful experience with Biolanyn cream … I break out in rashes on my face, neck and chest which are very itchy and burn. I have been to 5 dermatologists and each one told me I had something different from the other. Even my allergy doctor and my Endocrinologist disagree as to what is the …

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Dear Biolanyn, Thank you for having such a great product on the market! I just wanted to let you know that in less than 1 weeks time, Biolanyn has worked wonders on the hives (Chronic Urticaria) on my hands! I have followed the directions, and I am applying the cream 3x per day as directed. …

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Just wanted to let you know…. I have the “butterfly” redness on my face from Lupus…My skin was rough and scaly 🙁 Used my biolanyn for several days and the redness is just about completely gone…. and, has stayed gone for about two months now. Thank you for this awesome cream..

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