I can’t say thank you enough for this product. For the last three years my hands have been cracking and scaling from eczema. The pain was if I had a million paper cuts on all of my digits and on the palms of my hands. I do have a good dermatologist, and he has tried …

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Great … it works!! I have had eczema for over ten years and have been on a steroid cream for most of that time. Although this treatment is good, I’m sure prolonged use is not a good idea, especially when the eczema always comes back to make life uncomfortable again. I have noticed that the …

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Hello, I’m a 40 year old female who has not until recently suffered with any skin condition. However, following a diagnosis of renal failure, I had to start dialysis treatment. My skin was fine for the first year or so but recently I started getting eczema on my hands, arms, neck, and back. This was …

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Location: Not specified.  I just wanted to tell everyone Biolanyn is a miracle cream! I have had the most severe eczema on the bottom of my foot and palm of my hands for years. I have been to so many specialists, and no one could give me anything that would work for relief. The open …

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Mary Ann

Location: Not specified

.  Dear Biolanyn, This winter I had eczema for the first time. It started as a small patch on my right shin and continued to spread all over my shin. It would itch so bad that my husband was convinced I was going to scratch off my leg. After a trip to the …

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