Since offering Biolanyn online, we have received numerous emails telling us how effective our product has been in treating a wide variety of skin conditions. All testimonials found on this website are from real Biolanyn users who have taken the time to share their experiences with us and in turn, with you. No compensation has been provided for these testimonials.*

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I’ve been suffering with a severe outbreak of shingles for over a year now. They developed about eight months after I had my stroke. My doctor told me there was nothing that could be done and that it could/will reoccur throughout the rest of my life. I found your site and product online. What a …

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My wonderful experience with Biolanyn cream … I break out in rashes on my face, neck and chest which are very itchy and burn. I have been to 5 dermatologists and each one told me I had something different from the other. Even my allergy doctor and my Endocrinologist disagree as to what is the …

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Dear Biolanyn, Thank you for having such a great product on the market! I just wanted to let you know that in less than 1 weeks time, Biolanyn has worked wonders on the hives (Chronic Urticaria) on my hands! I have followed the directions, and I am applying the cream 3x per day as directed. …

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My grandson is only 7 months old and has dermatitis, on the back of his legs, around his ankles, elbows, and tummy. I was unsure what to do as at such a young age you have to be sure what you are using is safe! Thank you for your email response, it convinced me that …

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I can’t say thank you enough for this product. For the last three years my hands have been cracking and scaling from eczema. The pain was if I had a million paper cuts on all of my digits and on the palms of my hands. I do have a good dermatologist, and he has tried …

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Just wanted to let you know…. I have the “butterfly” redness on my face from Lupus…My skin was rough and scaly 🙁 Used my biolanyn for several days and the redness is just about completely gone…. and, has stayed gone for about two months now. Thank you for this awesome cream..


Great … it works!! I have had eczema for over ten years and have been on a steroid cream for most of that time. Although this treatment is good, I’m sure prolonged use is not a good idea, especially when the eczema always comes back to make life uncomfortable again. I have noticed that the …

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