About Biolanyn® Skin Cream

Can I use Biolanyn to treat other skin conditions not mentioned on this website?
Yes. Biolanyn can be used to treat a various skin conditions as well as insect bites, sunburn and wind burn.
Are there any side effects from using Biolanyn?
Unlike many of its drug-based counterparts, Biolanyn has no known short or long-term potential side effects. Those with known sensitivities to essential oils should be sure to check the ingredient list if considering purchasing our “standard” formulation.
Is Biolanyn a “cure” for skin problems?
While the cream has been so successful in treating skin conditions ranging from acne to psoriasis that we currently experience a refund rate of less than 3%, no one in our business can make a ‘cured’ claim in their literature
What is shelf life of the product?
Effectiveness of the cream does not diminish with time, nor with ambient temperature. It is not necessary to refrigerate the cream. Storing in a fridge tends to harden the product to the point where some people have difficulty spreading Biolanyn on their skin. However, if you notice the cream thinning during hot weather, try storing it in a lower cupboard, basement or cold storage.

Important note: When using Biolanyn, we encourage users to thoroughly cleanse their hands/fingers prior to taking cream from the jar. This will help prevent contamination of the jar from external pathogens.

Does Biolanyn contain artificial colours or perfumes?
Absolutely none. Biolanyn is 100% natural. The scent of the cream is from the pure essential oils in the product.
Can I use sunscreen and Biolanyn at the same time?
Yes. Apply Biolanyn one hour prior to application of sunscreen.
Is the cream safe for use in pregnancy or while breast-feeding?
Yes, the cream is safe for use during pregnancy, as it contains no drugs or chemicals. During breast-feeding, avoid getting Biolanyn in your baby’s mouth, as the natural oils in the cream may cause mild diarrhea. If using Biolanyn on breasts/nipples or hands, be sure to thoroughly wash these areas prior to touching or nursing the baby
How can I use Biolanyn to treat an issue with my scalp?
Users have reported they have found great success treating the scalp by slightly warming the cream, as when “thinned out”, it is much easier to apply to this area. The sealed jar may be placed in a pot/bowl of warm water tap water. Do not microwave and/or overheat the contents of the jar.
Can Biolanyn be used on the genital area?
Yes. For external use only.
Can I use the skin cream on my eyelids and lips?
Yes. Carefully apply a thin layer to eyelids, avoiding the moist area of the eyes. If applying Biolanyn to the lips, avoid licking your lips, eating or drinking for at least one hour after application.
Are there any helpful tips or routines I could try?
A good time to apply the cream is before bed. The human body sets aside sleep time for healing and repair, which also includes your skin.

It is always a good idea to bandage/wrap (if practical) the affected area, after applying Biolanyn, to prevent the cream from being rubbed away from the skin by sheets and pajamas. Make certain that the bandaging materials can breathe, and are held tight to the body. If ‘adhesive’ bandages are suitable for your skin condition, there are a number of very good brands you may select from in a variety of sizes, or ‘cut to exact size’.

During treatment, if you find it impractical to cover your skin disorder with a covering, such as a bandage or wrap, our guarantee still applies.

Bandage/wrap routine tips for your hands, feet, legs and arms
Some of our customers have found the following technique particularly effective:

  • Apply slightly more Biolanyn to these areas each night
  • Wrap those areas with a single layer of plastic “Saran” wrap
  • Secure it with a small amount of tape to keep the film in place, and cover those areas with a cotton sock, thin cotton glove or a lightweight cotton mitten/pullover
  • Reapply Biolanyn, and change the bandage, film, gloves or socks, as required.

Customers note that the healing times are significantly shorter with this method of covering.


  • Plastic gloves and adhesive tape are NOT recommended in place of a thin layer of Saran because they do not allow any air to enter the area of the damaged skin.
  • For the legs and arms, a tensor bandage (or tape) is used, with just enough pressure to keep the film in place.

Order, Delivery and Shipping

Do you provide product samples?
No. Biolanyn’s guarantee and refund policy is so strong that we stopped offering free samples years ago. Of all the people who have ordered our cartilage based cream, less than 3% have ever asked for a refund. This is because the cream works in the vast majority of cases, regardless of what skin condition you might have!
Can I still order if I don’t have a PayPal account?
YES! We use PayPal to process the credit card transactions. You DO NOT need to have a pre-existing PayPal account, nor do you need to create one, in order to purchase Biolanyn. PayPal is 100% secure and a reliable payment processing service.
I’m nervous about using my credit card to order online. Is there any other way I can order?
Our online ordering system, administered through PayPal, is completely secure. Customers can be confident that their personal and credit card information is being handled in a responsible manner.
I do not have a credit card. Can I still order?
Please email help@biolanyn.com to see how we can assist you in placing an order.
I live in Canada and your business is located in Canada. Why do I have to pay in U.S. dollars?
Our payment gateway is in US funds and unfortunately cannot accept Canadian funds. If you use a credit card to make your purchase, the card company will convert your purchase to Canadian funds on your statement.
How are shipping costs calculated?
Shipping values found on our site are an average cost of the three components of shipping: base rate + fuel surcharge + residential surcharge.
My jar arrived with an air pocket. Does this mean the jar is not full?
No. During packaging, each jar of Biolanyn is weighed to ensure that it is filled to the quantity listed on the label. Jars are filled by weight, not volume.

Other questions?

Contact us at help@biolanyn.com.
You should receive a response within 1-2 business days.