About Us

Operating out of Bolton, Ontario, Canada, Attogram Corp. has a wealth of experience in formulating effective natural products. It had its roots in a small dietary supplement distribution service to health care practitioners started by a pharmacist and a naturopathic doctor in 1978, and is presently managed by that same pharmacist. By 1982, Attogram Corp. had gained financial support from a number of other naturopaths. The wealth of knowledge gained by close association with prominent NDs over the years continues to be invaluable for the development of new and innovative products.

In 1981, we succeeded in markedly improving the bio-availability and synergistic balance of bovine glandular products by combining the best of extraction and freeze-drying methods into one unique process.

In 1986, we introduced a novel approach to addressing fungal problems by treating the cause, not merely the symptoms.

In 1993, we developed Biolanyn, a cartilage-based skin cream, that we now guarantee will improve the health and appearance of your damaged skin, regardless of the cause.

Our mission has been to supply naturopathic doctors with quality products and thereby support the growth of their profession as a safe, drug free alternative to established medical practices. We have in this way received valuable feedback on the immense effectiveness of Biolanyn and are now passing on these benefits to the general population online.